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Steve Schwartz

About Steve Schwartz

I was exposed (pardon the pun) to photography at an early age. My Grandfather started Mile High Photo, one of the first commercial photo studios in Denver in 1905, and my father continued the family tradition. I remember being hooked on photography when my dad showed me how to develop and print B&W film before I reached my 10th birthday.

After graduating from college, I started doing commercial photography. In the late 70’s my focus shifted from commercial photography to multi-image slide shows. I was hired by the Denver Museum of Natural History, now the called the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, to create a 24 projector slide show to be included as part of the IMAX Theater experience. When the ‘Oil Bust’ hit the Denver area in the early 80’s the demand for Multi-image slide shows went away almost overnight.

Fortunately I had developed an interest in personal computers from my working with the computers used for the multi-image slide shows, and I was able to start a computer consulting business. During this period I continued to enjoy photography as a hobby.

As digital photography began to mature, I was able to combine my love of photography with my knowledge of computers and I had access to the best of both worlds. My early introduction to film photography schooled me in the basics including composition, lighting and color correction. The maturing of programs like Photoshop allowed me to have full control over the print making process.

Currently, I have become fascinated with creating photographic panoramas as a means of capturing the wide open vistas of nature which cannot readily be captured in a single photo.